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Madek has been a full time working artist for the last 23 years. Being a single dad  on the small Island of Key West, FL, he relied on his creativity to provide for himself and his son.

His art has evolved over the years through different mediums. Beginning with bamboo, he created hand carved sculptures and musical instruments which he sold for 15 years, being known as the Bambooda.

 From there, he branched off into using old vinyl records as a art medium. Madek developed techniques to cut and mold the records into art and jewelry with the use of a laser cutter. Madek became a pioneer in the Up-cycling trend.

When Madek switched islands to move to Kauai, he met his wife, Kelly Keane, also an artist. Together they’ve inspired each other to create new works, one of which includes a children’s book about surfing, called Surf Cats.

Madek’s current artistic passion is contemporary abstract art painted with unusual tools such as skateboard wheels and surfboard fins. “The happiness I gain from creating my own painting tools drives me to look at art in a new way. It’s not all about the end product, but the journey getting there.”

Glassy Dayz Surf Co is Madek's outlet for his current creations. "As a surfer and and an artist, I'm having fun creating a line of products and artwork inspired by my love of the ocean and surf culture"